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Welcome to my website. Here you will find all sorts of information about my work as an Iridologist & Sclerologist.  Markings and colors in the Iris and Scleras  help to reveal current levels of health or toxic congestion in the body.  As a Master Herbologist as well as using Food as Medicine, I can help educate you on ways to reduce toxic congestion as seen in the Eyes.  With regular intervals of photos, you will be able to see as your health improves right in front of your own Eyes!  The Eyes are truly the windows to your Health and are literally extensions of your Brain.  When viewing levels of health conditions in this way, it is non-invasive and all inclusive.  The Eyes don't lie!


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Personal Healthcare Consultation

Expert Guidance

In our first appointment, I take an average of 34 photos of the Eyes and Scleras from many angles and we go over your questionnaire that is emailed to you ahead of time.  The Second appointment is when I share with you your written report and the details revealed in your Eyes regarding areas of concern. I provide customized solutions using food as medicine as well as herbal recommendations, lifestyle coaching and translate for you why your body is experiencing what it is.  If you are not local, you can send me your photos.  Contact me to find out how I can help today!

What the Eyes Reveal

As a Health Assessment Tool

The Irises show Genetic constitutions and areas of weakness and strength.  But it depends on how you live your life whether or not these potential conditions will manifest.  The Scleras show CURRENT conditions as they are TODAY.  When you make changes in your lifestyle, the Scleras will respond within days or weeks to show these changes.  The irises will not.  The irises show accumulations of toxins and congestions that have taken years to develop, but they are very slow to show changes in improvements.  Together, the Irises and Scleras reveal the entire life story.

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Dr. Susan Keiffer graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1987 where she majored in Pre-medical studies.  Rather than continue the path of the Medical doctor, she chose instead to learn the Natural ways of healing and received a Master Herbologist degree from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing in Utah, receiving the highest test scores in her class.

Susan first became certified in Iridology in 2000, later achieving the highest Diplomate level degree in 2017 under Dr. Pesek.  In 2018, she completed her certification exams in Sclerology, where she received the highest graded scores in the world of the many who have taken these very comprehensive tests worldwide from Naturopath Dr. Mehlmauer at Grand Medicine.  In 2022, Susan completed her Doctorate degree at the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Susan is the author of "Closer to the Sun:  A Recipe Book for Health for the Next Evolutionary Phase of Mankind," as well as "Wild Edibles for Survival & First Aid."  She teaches Wild Edible walks and how to use food and plants as natural medicine.  Her latest book is called, "Eat the Light."

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Wendy F.

“I'm not in anyway promoting herbs or this book.  I'm just suggesting it as one human to another.  25 years of research in it from this woman who wrote it.  She knows her stuff.  Very intelligent.  Her name is Susan Keiffer.  I don't know what I would have done without her and her knowledge.  I suffered for so many years.  Still do, but I'm getting there."

Kelly N.

“Your book is amazing!  Thank you for what you do and represent."

Melissa A.

“Reading your book last night and lovin' it!  Of course, it always motivates me to want to get back to my healthy eating.  I don't know why I steer away from it, but I'm going to do some shopping today and get back to it!"

“I received your book, "Closer to the Sun" for my birthday this past January.  Your book is vital and a life-changer!  Thank you!!"

Janet W.

Hi Susan! We participated in your "Wild Edibles Hike" and were very impressed.  I've read and researched many of the books and subjects you discuss in your own books.  When I got home I intended to read "Closer to the Sun" myself right away.  However I shared just one page with my husband and he was hooked!  He's halfway through and in his own words he "can't put it down."  We've read before in different publications much of the info you discuss - but the impressive thing is that you put things together all in one book.  I would like to purchase one more copy of "Closer to the Sun."  We appreciate all the time and effort you put into writing and publishing your book.  May our good Lord bless you a hundred-fold, send you Angels from Above to watch over you and all those you love."

Eva K.

“Good morning Susan!  I received the "big fat book" last Saturday.  "I've had my nose in it every chance I get!  To call this manuscript a "cookbook" is a colossal understatement!  It's akin to an encyclopedia to human life.  Many of your chapters cover subjects I've read about and researched over the years, but your book has everything in one reference volume.  It keeps me up at night, literally.  Usually I read when I go to bed and promptly begin dosing off 10 minutes later-  not so with "Closer to the Sun."  I have to make myself put it down and turn the light off.  Heck, I've only skimmed through the actual cookbook portion.  I'm thankful you included recommendations for juicer brands.  I need one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you....for sharing your knowledge and taking the time and energy to write this book.”


“Susan's Wild Edibles book is such a delight!  I really love the things she included in it about indigenous uses and other historical tidbits which give such a great sense of each plant.  The information she includes is useful, not just interesting.  The book offers many unusual edibles that I have not found listed anywhere else.  The layout is great and makes it easy and fun to browse through and also useful as a field reference.  I have recommended this book to a number of people including my permaculture students and will continue to do so!"

Koreen Brennan, Managing Partner of


Sebastian, FL, USA


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